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 Playing this MY way

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PostSubject: Playing this MY way   Fri Jan 23, 2009 3:46 pm

If there are two things in this world that never went well together, it was Ivory and School. More so than any other teenager she fought against the school she was forced to live at. The dorms were nice and all; but elite private schools had never ever been her thing. It wasn't so much school. It was this school. East-Wood High School for the Elite. For the rich was a better term for it in her opinion. Yeah, her family was loaded, but it's not as if it mattered. She had no sob stories of her childhood. Given everything she wanted since birth, never had to ask for anything, she wasn't abused or hurt. Her life was perfect, or everyone figured it was.

Being rich isn't all sugar and rainbows. You're expected to do everything perfectly, like royalty, and being that was never what Ivory wanted. Since around the age of three, she was treated like a doll in a glass case. Sheltered and forced to do things proper for a girl of her class. To study, prepare anything for a man, and be seen and not heard.

Boy... did she fail. She was loud, annoying, messy, hated to clean, and barely ever studied. Though she did well in school, studying was never has past time. Much of her time was spent outside skateboarding, playing soccer, lacrosse, even street hockey. The skills she had were much better targeted towards sports, and she loved doing them. Another skill she had, was the ability to play a guitar unlike anyone else in this world. It would blow your mind when her fingers touched the strings and her voice hit the microphone.

More of a past time, singing didn't consume her life. Sports did.

There was one subject her mind failed to grasp. Calculus. She hated math, and always had. It was confusing and there were too many rules that made no sense. It was mandatory to take Calculus, and her guidance councilor forced her to take Advanced Placement, so she was getting college credit for a class she was failing.

Of course, not willing to let her fail and lose her from three sports teams, they worked out a schedule for her to get tutoring. Much to her anger and loud protest. No way around it, she agreed and walked down to whatever room they told her to go to after school. She was missing Lacrosse practice; she'd much rather be running suicides across the soccer field then doing this. Sitting at a desk, she put her head in her arms, resting them on the table. Apparently her tutor wasn't here yet, and if they weren't in 10 minutes, she was leaving.

OOC: Woo~ Ok his entire scene is up to you. Academic scholarship, he's middle class, or rich. Whatever you want. You said you wanted him to be smart, so here's his challenge. Make her pass. lol.
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PostSubject: Playing this my way   Tue Jan 27, 2009 6:04 pm

"Sorry Im late." A guy came through the door, he removed his jacket- and set it on the desk next to Ivory. "Hi, my name is Zeak- and Im going to be your tutor." He was tall, about 6 foot. Dark hair, didnt fall past his shoulders- but was long enough for some stray hair to fall in his face. Hazel eye's to match. He didnt wear thier schools uniform, and smelled of exshust.

"Had to come all the way from the other side of town." He commented about him being late, and sat down in the desk next to her. "Im a transfer, dont even have my uniform yet." He rubbed the back of his neck, as if he was explaining his actions to a teacher or someone who was supsious of him. "Anyways, you must be Ivory." He smiled at her, "What subject do you need help in?"
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Playing this MY way
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