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PostSubject: POWER PLAYING   Mon Jan 19, 2009 11:49 am

Power playing is a no-no on endlessnight. It not only causes frustration among writers, its downright rude.
Below I will list a few examples of Power Playing (In other words, WHAT NOT TO DO);

Example 1)

User Name Post
Lilly- -Jessica winced as she pushed herself up off the ground, wiping some blood off of her cheek. "Bastard." she growled.

NiGhT= = "You know you like it." he grinned, knocking her down again.
= "Says who?" jessica asked taking a swing at him. he dodged laughing before vanishing.

End Example)
Now, what was wrong with that scene? Nothing if it was written by two people, but NiGhT stole Lilly's charie, Jessica, and made her say somethign that might be OOC [out of Character]. In doing so he stole her chance to respond in order to make his own post longer, which took away Lilly's chance to throw a plot twist in if she so desired.
The only time that this sort of power play is okay is if the person whos character your using agrees in advanced to it. ASK- do not just take.

Another aspect of power playing is when your character seems, for lack of a better word indestructable. Take the above passage for example. NiGhts character knocked down Jessica,but when she tried to retaliate with her own hit,of course he makes his character seem superior and dodges and knocks her back down. There are times when this is acceptable, such as throughout the story,the enemy/rival/ect. has been stated by both writers that one is clearly more powerful then the other,but should it not be stated,then it is rude, everybody gets hurt,even gods get hurt,your character can not be all mighty,in a fight,both characters should get hurt,even if one is WAY more hurt then the other by the end,both characters should have a point where they have gone on the offensive and defensive alike and no one character should be overdramatically powered up that they should appear in some saturday morning superhero cartoon

God Moding is also Power Playing. If you play a God/Goddess, there must be a weakness of some sort. an emotional attachment or a god stronger than them must always exsist. The only time this rule can be broken is if both or all RPers in the game agree to it. AE: they agree the god is the all in all bad guy who you only see once every 200 posts or something.

These rules are here to protect everyones rights and to keep everythign fair.
If you have any questions- Please PM me and I will be more than happy to get back to you.
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