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 Two Sides to Every Story::. [M]

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PostSubject: Two Sides to Every Story::. [M]   Mon Jul 20, 2009 9:05 pm

Two Sides to Every Story::.

"Kiyari? Honey... Can you hear me? Its your mother-"

Blurry... Why is it all blurry? ..Mom? Is that you? What just happened? Did I black out again..?

"Kiyari? Kiyari.. Its your mother, please Kiyari- speak to me.."

Mom? Why are you crying? What happened...?

"Mrs. Niyoshi, she's come to- but she's probably feeling a bit numb. Give her time. Your daughter will be fine."

Numb? I guess I do feel numb, since I cant feel anything else... This room, I've been here before.. Dr. Kon..? Thats right, Im crazy..

--24 hours earlier..

"Kiyeli, what are you doing here?" A young man crossed his arms, he looked more or less upset to see her. "Its a school night, you shouldnt need shit while your in school." He had a scolding tone in his voice, and glared lightly- but his eye's went soft when he laid them on her face.

"Oh Kye, darling." Kiyeli giggle, she ran her fingures along the dark alley wall. "It seems I have a need, and your the only one who can help me." She giggle, and ran her fingure through her hair to pin it behind her ear; looking up at him seductively a small smile graced her lips. She stepped infront of him, and on her tippy toes- she pressed her glossed lips aginst his.

Kye froze, and then proceeded to wrap his strong arms around her lightly. Knowing once she kissed him, he always gave in- he held onto her tighter. Embracing her as she passionatly kissed him. For him, she was his drug- and he could never get enough.

Kiyeli pulled back from him, and looked him in the eye's. "Kye, you have what I need dont you?" She let go of him, and took a step back. Kiyeli knew something he didnt, and it drove him insane- worse yet was that she knew what she did to him. And used that to her advantage. She got what she wanted, and in a way- he did too. "Should we go back to my place?"

Kye frowned lightly, and let out a sigh- he then smiled at her and nodded. "Yeah, lets get going before it gets too late." The sky was already getting dark, and it was only seven out.

What is this feeling..? It so dark.. Hello? Am I dreaming..? Its all so dark, I cant see anything- Im scared....

"She's ran off again!! She's not picking her cell phone, and I am so worried!! What are we going to do about her? Nothing seems to work..." Kiyari's mother, Kym, sobbed in her husbands arms.

"I dont know Kym, I just dont know.." He paused, "What about her Doctor? Dr. Kon, he helped her last time- you know.. With that one issue-"

"Our daughter is not crazy!" Kym snapped, and shook her head as she bit her lip in frustration. "Oh Leon, Im so sorry..." She sobbed, "Do you think our daughter needs help..?"

Leon frowned, and let out a sigh as he stepped back- and rubbed his forehead. "Yes, I think we need to take her back to Dr. Kon."

They both froze as they heard the front door open, and then close. They hurried to the door to find thier daughter removing her shoes. "Kiyari!" Kym exclaimed, "Where have you been? We've been so worried!"

"Calm down Kym.." Leon sighed, and looked to his daughter. "We were worried. The school called and said you fainted, and when you came to you left school- and ditched the rest of your classes." He crossed his arms, "Why would you do that?"

"I can do whatever I want." She snapped, "Im not your daughter, try back later." Kiyeli rolled her eye's, she clenched her fist around something she was holding in her hand- which caught her dads attention.

"What is that?" He asked sternly, seeing his daughter get a defensive look on her face- he quikly grabbed her hand and pryed whatever it was that she was holding onto- from her fingures. "What is this?" He glared, seeing a white powder substance in a small baggy.

"Thats mine! I need it!" Kiyeli snapped, "Your making such a big mistake!"

Kym blinked, "Are those drugs Kiyari!?" She quickly grabbed her daughter by the wrist. "Your coming with us right now! We're going back to Dr. Kon!"

"What!? That psycho! I found my own cure, give it back!" Kiyeli snapped, "You dont know what your doing!"

"Obviously you dont young lady!" Leon snapped, and grabbed the car keys out of his pocket. "Your addicted to drugs, and your condition seems to be getting worse!"


"Kiyari, do you remember anything?"

"Of course I remember things.." Kiyari breathed out, personally- she thought Dr. Kon was a sadistic idiot. "I passed out, and now.. Im here?"

"That was yesterday."

"Haha, right- so I was out cold for a day?" Kiyari shook her head, "That doesnt make sense."

"Once you passed out, another person seemed to surface- and altered your personality."

"What? Your saying I have two personalities?"

"At least."

"No. No thats just stupid.."

"Then was it you who ditched school and bought illegal drugs?"

Kiyari blinked, and shook her head- and quickly looked to her parents. "I would never do that!"

Kym teared up, "Oh Kiyari..."

Dr. Kon nodded, "We'll have to get you back on your medication."

"Back on it.. I was on meds before?"

"Only when you were a child, we thought it best to never remind you- because it could bring out the personalities again.. Though its much differant now.." Kym frowned, and glanced down at her hands that were folded in her lap. Leon squeezed her shoulder, and let out a sigh.

--That night..

Kiyari laid in bed, she stared at the wall blankly- a bottle of meds in her hands. She blinked when she heard a tapping on her window. Kiyari got up from her bed, and walked over to her window- throwing back her blinds.

Kiyari eeped, and stepped back quickly to find a face of a young man staring at her. He mouthed for her to open the window. Kiyari shook her head, and took another step back. The guy frowned, and tapped on the window again- and mouthed that it was alright. Curious, Kiyari stepped over to the window- and opened it a crack. "Who are you?"

"What? Are you kidding me." Kye laughed, "You told me to come over tonight, see-" He pulled out a piece of paper with directions on how to sneak into her bedroom.

Kiyari blinked, and shook her head. "No, I never did that. You have the wrong person."

"Are you kidding me Kiyeli.. After everything I've done for you, your going to leave me hanging outside your window on your roof.."

"What? Im not Kiyeli, that proves you have the wrong house."

"You are Kiyeli.."

"I am not Kiyeli!" Kiyari snapped, and then suddenly felt light headed.

Hey you, your looking good today.. Do you have what I need? ..Go back to your place? Kye.. Kye.


"Haha, there you go- your drugged up woman." He opened up the window, and slid in- but looked at her confused as she stared blankly. "Kiyeli?"

She then shook her head, and quickly brushed her fingures through her hair. "I look a complete mess." She huffed, and went over to her mirror and grabbed some eye liner and cover up.

"Uh.. What the hell just happened..?" Kye shook his head, very confused. "What exactly are you on?"

"What? Oh, nothing- my parents totally caught me. Dont worry, dont know where I got it from. Sorry- totally loose my head sometimes. Thats just Kiyari for you. She's so dense."

"Excuse me, what?"

"Kiyari, she's my other half." Kiyeli giggled, "I told you I was crazy."

Kye breathed out, and sat down on her bed. "You deffinatly have a screw loose."

Kiyeli giggled, "Oh you know how to turn me on."

--The next morning..

Kiyari's eye's fluttered open, the sun was already up- she quickly sat up and looked to the clock. It was past noon, she didnt understand why her parents would let her sleep in. Kiyari rubbed her eye's and recalled seeing a guy outside her window that night- what had happened to him? She questioned herself, and then frowned as she moved- finding her body sore.

Kiyari quickly got dressed for school, and gathered her books into her bookbag- and rushed off. Since she'd missed the bus completly, she had to walk to school. She frowned to herself as she passed an ally way, for some reason it seemed like she'd been there before. Creepy. She proceeded to go to school, and once there- she ran right into her best friend Mika. "Oh! Mika! Im so sorry- are you alright?"

OOC: NO ONE LINING!!! Anyone can join, its pretty much about a girl with two personalities- and what not.. I need someone to be Mika, Kye, and Dr. Kon. You can bring in any char you like. Please join! THIS IS A MATURE RP!
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Two Sides to Every Story::. [M]
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