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 ♥Whatever you like

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PostSubject: ♥Whatever you like   Sun Jun 14, 2009 4:53 am

Whatever you like

"Baby, whats with the blank stare out the window?" Jethro got up from the bedside and walked up from behind- placing his hands onto her shoulders lightly. Kiyari jolted, her big doe eye's quickly looked over her shoulder at him. Her breath finally escaped from her lips, and she slumped back into him- closing her eye's. "Im sorry-" She grabbed for his hand, placing her own ontop of his that remained on her shoulder. "I was just thinking." She continued, the silence finally broken. "I cant stay tonight, I need to go home- I have things to do..." She lied, and she knew that he knew she was lying. Which made her feel sick to her stomach.

Kiyari stepped away from him, letting his hands drop as she went for her clothing that laid scattered across the floor. Jethro stood there in silence, watching her. She dressed herself, and walked over to him- placing a kiss on his cheek as she stood on her tippy toes to reach him. "Good night." She turned, grabbed her purse- and walked out of the room down the hall- towards the front door. Leaving him behind in the darkness. She walked out to her car, and unlocked it- looking up towards his window on the sixth floor. He wasnt there watching her like he usually was, a shiver went down her spine- she frowned.

--The next morning...

The smell of fresh cooked eggs and toast filled the air, Kiyari smiled lightly to herself- and sat up in bed. She slid her legs over the side of the bed, slipped on her slippers, and walked into the kitchen. "Your home early." She commented, "What made you decide to come to my place?" She giggled, sitting herself on a stool at the counter.

"A meeting got cancelled, so I took an early flight. I couldnt sleep- just had to see my woman." Kon smirked, moving the frying pan from the stove- scooping some eggs out onto a plate. "Why didnt you answer your cell phone last night?" He asked curiously. raising an eyebrow as he looked up at her.

"Oh, I fell asleep early last night- must have not heard my cell phone. Im sorry." Kiyari lied, smiling to cover up- quickly changing the subject. "I quit my job." She knew he wouldnt even care really about that, since he basically paid for everything anyways. "It just gave me a headache. I couldnt deal with everyone anymore. So I just quit." She looked into his eye's, a bit surprised to see him look pleased.

"I told you." He laughed, "Your not fit to work, and I have no problem taking care of you- I just wish you'd move into my place already." He let out a hefty sigh, not even paying mind to her expresson of disappointment. "Maybe if I just stop paying your rent-" He chuckled, joking of course- he was the one that kept putting off thier engagement. "Dont worry dear, your bank account will never be empty while Im around." He brought her plate around the counter, and placed it infront of her.

Kiyari breathed out, faked a smile- and looked down at her food. "Yes, what would I do without you? Im so helpless..." She trailed off, hating herself a it more. Now regretting quitting her job.

"Thats what I love about you." He sat down next to her, "Makes me feel more like a man." He commented before taking a bite, "I have to run off to the firm, have tons of things to do- you should come by tonight." He looked over at her, and once she gave him a nod- he smiled and contently went back to eating.

There was no escape from Kon, he controlled her completly- other then her mind and heart. Kiyari had known him since she was a child, and been his since as long as she could remember. She really had no say in how her life was, other then the few aspects she did herself. Her rebellious actions usually failed, and she only seemed to be able to escape when he was working- which now with his own law firm was alot. The freedom was overwhelming. Her feelings for another man were consuming, and confusing. It'd been going on for a few months now, and niether of the two knew she had another man.

After Kon had left, Kiyatri cleaned up the kitchen- and walked over to her cell phone. No new messages. Kiyari frowned, and quickly moved her fingures on the keypad- texting Jethro. Her heart raced, and she quickly deleted the text- and set her phone back down. "I must have upset him..." She mumbled, hugging her knee's to her chest as she sat at the end of her bed. A knock on the front door startled her, she blinked- and got up quickly stumbling to her feet. She couldnt think of who it could be, Kon had a set of keys to her place- and she really didnt have many friends.

Kiyari opened thye door, and her heart skipped a beat as Jethro stood infront of her. He was soaked, she hadnt even noticed it was pouring down rain outside. "Jethro?" She blinked, and quickly stepped aside so he could come inside- she didnt want any of her nieghbors seeing him. "What are you doing here? I told you my place was off limits-" Her mind raced, hoping Kon hadnt noticed him or anything when he left just minutes ago.

She hadnt even noticed the look of saddness on his face, until he stepped towards her- and wrapped his arm around her. He was freezing. She teared up, "Im so sorry Jethro, what are you doing here? Are you alright? Please talk to me..."

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(Alright, I need someone to be Jethro. He's a basic guy, simple living- easy going and out of the ordinary. Loves guitar, works as an up and coming musician and works at a cafe' where him and Kiyari first met. Doesnt know about Kon. He's in love with Kiyari- and she's in love with him- just kinda going from there... Mhm... Anyone can join- no one lining!!)
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♥Whatever you like
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