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 Make a princess out of you. NOONELINERS

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PostSubject: Make a princess out of you. NOONELINERS   Wed Apr 08, 2009 7:25 pm

Jessica thanked the waiter as he brought the three of them tea. Her green eyes stayed on the decorated cup handed to her. White porcilin with blue swirls like water. Sbe couldnt help but think of how pretty it was... she collected blue and white glass. she had since she had her first job.

Jobs... couldnt live with them- couldnt live without them. the next one she had lined up sounded like a real doozie. The interview was only a few minutes away- and still no sign of her 'boss-to-be'.

-- earlier that month--

"Found her- corrner of east and Grendon." a man said into his blue tooth. he had long blone hair with natural lowlighters. heis green eyes had locked onto jessica. She was standing at a bus station for some reason? How odd...

He frowned and crossed the road, not waiting for trafic to stop when she began toleave- growing impaitent. "Shes moving" he said running after her.

"Miss! Wait!" he called.

He had nearly tackled the poor girl to the ground- scaring the living daylights out of her before releasing her like a hot coal. "Oh- I... Sorry." he babbledout helping her up. "I thought you were someone else... you look just like- uh... he reached up tohis head set. "Scratch the order- its the wrong girl keep looking."

Jessica blinked, flusterd, confused, and not to mention the typically creeped out.

"here." the man said handing her a buisness card. "Call this number if you need a job. Well pay you unbelevably well."

------ present--------

The door to the dinner opened and closed with a chime of the clock. 7pm on the dot, the blonde man had arived. No word on what the jopb would be. Just that she looked perfict for it... Acting perhaps? Anything adult and she was gone.

[[[[ OOC: suck ass begining- mostly because i dont wanna shape Jessicas personality if YOUR playing her... which whoever joins will be Smile. She looks like Elizabeth- the newest princess of whales. The blonde guys name is John-Paul, John for short and ill explain the rest of the rp through his lips as we go along. Very Happy]
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Make a princess out of you. NOONELINERS
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