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 ♥After the Bell Rings: [Mature]

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PostSubject: ♥After the Bell Rings: [Mature]   Sat Apr 04, 2009 3:10 am

After the Bell Rings

"Niomi, you seem to be having issues focusing." Kon, Niomi's teacher looked at her concerned as she stood infront of his desk. "You were doing quite well, and suddenly your grades have dropped. Is there something that is making your life more stressful? Other kids? Home?" He questioned as he leaned back slightly in his chair, and crossed his arms over his chest. "Im concerned for you."

Niomi smiled at her teacher lightly, and shook her head. "Oh, nothing too much- just been getting alot of headaches lately, and its hard for me to focus." She lied, "I'll try harder, I promise." She bowed her head to her teacher, "I need to catch the train so I need to get going Mr. Diem." She smiled at him, and moved the strap of her bookbag onto her shoulder. He nodded at her, and she quickly left the room.

Her heart seemed to be pouding in her chest, he was so good looking- she couldnt help but feel attracted to him. 'He's concerned about me...' She smiled to herself, and let out a content sigh. 'I could probably die happy now.' She giggled to herself, completly in her own dream world when suddenly she felt a hand grab her shoulder. Niomi jumped slightly, only to see her new step brother grinning widely at her. She made a face at him, and grumbled as she looked away. "Jerk, you scared me." Her step brother Asekio was the root of all her problems. He was loud, and they had to share a room since thier parents married a few months ago. She hated it. They were only seperated by a large blanket that was hung up.

"Haha, your always so uptight." He commented with a playful grin on his face, "Hey, you want to grab something to eat? I'll pay." He walked beside her, he'd finally removed his hand from her shoulder so he could wave at some of the boys he was on the basketball team with. He looked back to Niomi, "So do you?"

Niomi sighed, she was hungry- she couldnt lie about that. Her stomach was growling. "Alright, but I can order whatever I want." She stuck her tongue out at him, scheming to buy expensive food. She couldnt help but smile at the grin he just gave her, he was easy going- and she was more uptight. All her life she'd tried so hard to make her mother happy, since her mother was hard working- supporting the two of them since her father walked out years ago. Though Niomi didnt want her mom to remarry, she also wanted her to be happy.

"Thats more like you." He chuckled, "A smile always fits your face better then the look of a mindless zombie." He teased, though it was a hidden compliment. Asekio wasnt bad looking at all, he was on the tall side- slender and well built. He worked out alot, and stayed healthy for basketball.

Niomi scanned him over quickly, even though he was attractive- she told herself her heart was for Mr. Diem. She told herself it was wrong to even think of her step brother as attractive. Niomi was beautiful, but she kept to herself, and didnt make friends easily. The past few friends she'd thought were friends, just wanted to get close to her brother. That upset her.

--That night...

Niomi sat on her bed, she was reading a novel for her English class, which she had with Mr. Diem. She wanted to try harder for his sake, she didnt want him to think of her as a slacker. Even though he seemed concerned for her, she had to show him she was a devoted student.

"What are you reading?" Asekio smiled at her as he walked over to her bed, and sat down next to her. "Is that for English?" He questioned, not really waiting for her to respond. "I have English with Mrs. Sanio, she's pretty hot." He chuckled, and laid back on her bed as he yawned- streching his arms above his head.

Niomi let out a sigh, "Its Peaceful Nights, and yes- its for my English class." She wanted to stick her tongue out at his comment about his beautiful teacher. She'd seen her before, and she was quite pretty- and young too. "Your rude, you could knock you know." Niomi glanced down at him, and then looked away- she didnt want to stare. "Im about to go to bed, so I'll be shutting the lights off." She hated it when he stayed up later, and kept his lamp on. It made it harder for her to sleep.

Asekio sat up, and slumped forwards with a chuckle. "You should try being more laid back, and you shouldnt care so much. Life is only so long, might as well live it happy." He stood up and rubbed the back of his neck as he walked away from her, slidding the blanket back so he could cross over into his room.

Niomi blinked, "I am not uptight!" She snapped at him, only recieving a laugh from him. She covered her mouth, and felt stupid for snapping at him- making his point. 'I dont mean to be...' Niomi frowned to herself, she let her mind wander- and question what sort of woman Mr. Diem liked. She then recalled her friend telling her that she believed something was going on between Asekio and Mrs. Sanio. "Oh-" She stumbled up, and quickly went over to the blanket- and parted it lightly as she peered over into his side of the room. "Are you seeing Mrs. Sanio?" She questioned, concern on her face. She didnt even know why she cared.

Asekio was removing his shirt when she suddenly parted the blanket, he smirked lightly at her- and tossed his shirt aside. "Dont worry yourself." He winked at her, and sat down on his bed. He got a glare from Niomi before she slid the blanket shut. He couldnt help but chuckle over her reaction, she was easily upset- and he liked to mess around with her. But he also couldnt help but admire her looks.

--The next day...

"I caught up with Peaceful Nights, and did all of my make up homework." She smiled at Mr. Diem, quite proud of herself. She'd worked most of the morning to finish these papers on the book. He seemed impressed, which made her even happier. "Oh, may I use the restroom real quickly?" She added in, embaressed a bit- as she always was when she asked to use the bathroom. It seemed embaressing to her.

Mr. Diem smiled, and nodded his head. "Im impressed Niomi, you did quite well. Go ahead." He handed her the pass, and then got up from his desk to pass out todays homework. He squeezed her arm lightly, and smiled at her. "Keep working hard, and it will deffinatly pay off. You'll have your grades back up in no time."

Niomi smiled at him, and nodded. "Yes, thank you Mr. Diem." She quickly turned, and left the classroom to head to the bathroom. She quickly used it, never wanting to waste much time in public bathrooms- she had a thing aginst them. She hated unsanitary situations. Niomi was headed back to class when she heard some noise come from a room with the door slightly open. Her curiousity took over, and she slowly walked over to the door- and peeked in. Niomi quickly covered her mouth, and stumbled back- she couldnt believe what she'd just seen. Asekio leaning over the desk to kiss Mrs. Sanio, in a empty classroom.

Niomi hurried back to class, and set her pass on Mr. Diems desk as she went back to her own desk. She sat down, and stared down at her desk. She felt like she was in shock. She still couldnt believe her eye's, and was unsure about how to feel about this situation. A seventeen year old boy should not be with an older woman, deffinatly not a teacher.

"Are you alright Niomi?" Shilo, Niomi's only real friend, looked at her concerned. "You look like you've seen a ghost, whats up?" She moved herself so she was now facing her friend, class was almost over- and she knew that Mr. Diem didnt mind anyone talking for the last bit of class.

"Uh, where did you hear that my step brother was seeing Mrs. Sanio? Thats such a stupid rumor." She half laughed, "Have you actually seen them do something? That would be soo wierd. I mean, I though he had a girlfriend or something." Niomi looked to her friend with a fake smile, she was unsure of how to honestly react.

Shilo raised an eyebrow, "Thats an odd subject to bring up, I dont know- they just seem a bit more touchy feely. Its wierd. But I had English with them before I switched classes so I could be with you, and I have a guyfriend on the baketball team that said he talks about her alot. Saying she's 'fine' and what not. I dont know." Shilo shrugged, and rested on arm casually on her desk.

"Oh. Interesting. That would be soo wierd if they liked eachother, deffinatly unperfessional." Niomi glanced down at her hands for a moment, "I mean, she'd loose her job if anyone found out." Her mind schemed, but she told herself that would be a horrible thing to do. Her step brother would probably hate her, she couldnt spill his secret. Though she felt a bit upset he didnt trust her enough to tell her when she asked the other night, but then again- they'd only been living together for a few months now.

The bell rang, and Niomi was glad school was over. She loved ending her day with Mr. Diem. She got up from her desk, and put her papers and books into her bookbag. "Well I'll give you a text later." She smiled at her, and walked out of class with her- casting a smile back at Mr. Diem. She couldnt help but flirt harmlessly with him, he was her ideal man. Though she couldnt blame her step brother for liking Mrs. Sanio, it was like how she liked Mr. Diem. But something told her it was wrong, and he shouldnt be doing it. Was she jealous. No, she told herself.

--At home...

Niomi helped her mother set the table for dinner, she greeted her step father as he came home from work. "I finished my book, it was quite excellent." She smiled, trying to make small talk with her mother. Her mother seemed so busy lately, work, and spending time with her new husband.

"Thats nice dear, what was it about?" Mai, Niomi's mother, questioned her, side glancing as she cut up some fresh vegetables. "Can you turn the rice cooker off for me?" She questioned, as she now was staring back at her vegetables that she was cutting up.

Niomi nodded, and turned off the rice cooker as she told her mother about her book. "It was about two lovers, they were forbiddion to be together, and even though they never could see eachother- they both felt so strongly. The girl, she never could sleep at night- and she became ill. He rescued her, and took her far away- where she could finally sleep in peace. It was so sweet and romantic." Niomi smiled, she couldnt help but put herself in the main girls situation. Forbiddion love.

"That sounds quite nice, maybe one of these days I'll have to read that book." Mai smiled at her daughter, and finished cutting up the veggies. "Thank you for setting the table dear, everything is just about ready- can you get your father and brother?" She questioned, Mai strongly pressured Niomi into the family situation, she wanted them to be a family.

Niomi nodded, "Yes mother." She walked into the living room, "Dad, its time to eat." She smiled, she felt wierd calling Vynn her father, but she did so to please her mother. After she recieved a nod from him, she went down the hall to hers and Asekio's bedroom. She opened the door, and moved the blanket out of her way. "Its time to eat." She smiled the best she could at him.

After they'd all sat down, said thier grace- and got thier food dished out- Mai spoke up. "Now I know you both are used to be the only children, and your both have had to compromise alot- which me and your father really appreciate." Mai smiled at them, "I have some very good news, your going to have a baby sibling." She touched her stomach lightly, it had been getting a bit bigger- but Niomi had brushed that off as stress. Both Niomi's and Asekio's face's dropped. "And hopefully we'll be getting a bigger place before the child is born."

Niomi almost choaked on her water, she set her glass down- and touched her throat. "R-really?" She faked a smiled the best she could, "Oh wow- thats very... Very unexpected." She laughed lightly, "Congrats you two, thats awesome- I always wanted a baby sister or brother." That wasnt a lie, she always felt a bit lonely growing up. But now she had an older brother, who was only a month older, and now a new child? She was unsure about that.

--After dinner...

Niomi quickly went to her bedroom after dinner, she laid down on her bed- and stared up at her ceiling. She couldnt believe she'd found out two huge things in just one day. She let out a sigh- and closed her eye's. She heard the door open and shut, but she didnt bother to look up- she knew it was Asekio.
OOC: Alright, this is a mature RP. Basically its a complex love story, and it could go any way at this point. Whoever joins can take over any of these characters, Asekio, Mr. Diem, and Vynn- which I need someone to be all of them. Please no more then two people join. Have fun with it.
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♥After the Bell Rings: [Mature]
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