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 Dead Rising

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PostSubject: Dead Rising   Sat Mar 21, 2009 9:45 pm

:Dead Rising:

There was the muffled sounds of footsteps, and some distant groans and grunts. Seri laid there in a pool of her own blood, she'd been knocked uncousious- her head was throbbing. Seri slowly sat up, and grabbed her head. The lights were so bright, some flickered and buzzed. What had happened? Seri thought to herself as she tried to focus on her surroundings. She placed her hand down at her side, to try and support herself as she looked around. She blinked, and picked up her hand as she felt the cool wetness she'd set it in. Blood? Seri blinked, and noticed there was alot of it. On the walls, windows, beds, and equiqment that was in the room. From what she could see, she figured she was in a hospital.

Seri's heart started to race, and she felt a bit of panic rush over her. Why is there so much blood? Seri struggled to her feet, and wobbled a bit as she tried to not fall back over. From the looks of it, she was in danger. But from who? Or what? As she glanced down, she noticed quite a bit of blood on herself. Unsure if it was her own, or someone elses. She noticed something out of the corner of her eye, she quickly spun around- but it was mearly a corpus. Seri grabbed her mouth as she gasped. The body was quite mutilated, and the head nearly severed.

She knew that she no longer wanted to be here, but she had no idea where she was. She didnt even know who she was, or how she got here. Her past seemed to be erased, or she was hit so hard- she forgot. Seri only could recall her name, and a few faces that gave her headaches when she tried to think harder about them. She noticed a hand gun laying on the ground, she picked it up- and checked to see if it was loaded. She had no idea why she knew what to do with a gun, it was kind of scary.

Seri picked up a few scattered bullets that were on the ground, and put them in her pocket. By the looks of this place, she knew she would need them. "How is there so much blood...?" She whispered to herself, "What happened here...?" She frowned, she held the gun out infront of her as she slowly walked. She wanted to run, she wanted to scream- but something was keeping her calm. Which made her a bit more frightened of herself.

She walked down the stairs slowly, stepping over another body- there were so many bodies. That gave her more motivation to make it out of her as quickly as she could. Though she was curious as to why she was here, she didnt seem to have anything wrong with her. She felt fine other then her head throbbing. She froze when a recording came over the intercom. "Welcome to future of tomarrow! The Umbrella Coperation is making advances every day to better your lives. There has been a slight malfunction, please remain calm." She didnt like the sounds of that, everyone seemed to be dead. Slight malfunction my ass.

There was something that was seriously wrong here, but she just didnt know what. The harder she tried to recall anything, the more her head hurt. She didnt understand why she was dressed up nicely, and in a hospital. She stepped around a corner, and checked her surroundings. Only dead bodies, and no noise except for the loud alarm that kept ringing. It was a horrible sound.

She heard a click, and quickly turned around. There stood a man with a gun pointed at her. "Drop your gun." He commanded, he wore armor of a soldier. He was heavily armored with weapons and protection. And he looked dead serious. "Drop your gun!" He repeated, louder then the first time. "I am with the Umbrella Coperation Secirity Task Force, you are to be detained- and comfirmed if your infected."

"Infected...?" Seri blinked, she slowly lower her gun- not wanting bullets pumped into her chest. "Look, I dont know whats going on here... I just woke up- there's blood- I cant even remember who I am." She frowned, though she wasnt sure she should be telling him this. What if he thinks Im infected with something? She questioned herself, and slowly bent over, setting the gun down. "Please, I dont want to die..."

OOC: Yes, this is a residant evil roleplay XD though it has little to nothing to do with the games or movies- other then Zombies and the Umbrella Coperation. I dont mind if anyone brings anyone in from the game, or movies- but this is basically the start of the first outbreak of the T-Virus. Please no more then two people join, I want someone to be this soldier. Basically he ends up helping her get out of here alive- and then we'll go from there. NO one lining!
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Dead Rising
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