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 Drempt sins

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PostSubject: Drempt sins   Wed Feb 25, 2009 9:29 pm

Dispite what were tought- how the Lord created ten comandments- we all know of the seven deadly sins. we all have heard how its a sin to waste- though im fairly certin that wasnt carved in stone. And people like me know its a supposed sin to offer your own flesh or blood to a devil of any sort.

But is it really? And if it is- why? I remember my father telling me that humans were given the gift of free will for a reason. So we can choose if we wanted to or didnt want to sin.

Maybe he though it was his way of testing us? you would think if he didnt want us to sin he would have learned after adem and eve and taken away our free will... Since he didnt I guess it means we can choose to sin however we wish...

And once more we are at the begining. How do we know what were doing is actuly a sin? The Pope at one point said it was sinfull to polute- but it was never a sin before then. Another pope declared it was a sin to burn a cross... odd- seeing as how a cross is horrible way to go out. if someone were to protest that form of punishment by burning a cross it woudl be seen as horrible and ungoddly.

But is it?

At this point im sure im making no sence. So allow me to explain myself to you.

My name is Maggie. Im supposably the desendent of some holy man- but take it how you will. I still see nothing of it. My job is working as a clerk at the Tabboo book store- a fairly small well kept shop on the east side of the city. Thats where I met my friend, Yami. He bought a book and we got talking and not after long I noticed somethign was weird about him- though i couldnt put my finger on it.

It wasnt untill he left that i found out he was a Turned. A human who was bitten by a devil- commonlyknown as a vampire or nospheratu- and possessed partly by its evil spirit. at night the spirit that possessed him would drive him insane- what Mr Gerji (The shop owner) called blood drunk. basickly- typical of the vampire movies when you see a flying leech grab onot osmeone and bit their neck.

Following me so far?

We enddded up some how becoming close friends- im still not sure how we got so tight- over the corse of 4 years. Now the guy is like a brother to me- though i wish i could say more than that. But the idiot got himself mixed in with the wrong crowd. 'Pure bloods' or rather half bloods to be more presice. Pure devils couldnt step foot on earth physicaly. they had to possess a body and claim it as their own- before its born. Thats how vampires came to be here. If that 'pure' blood bites someone- that someone becomes a turned. get it? got it? Good. Moving on.

Its apparently, in some cultures, the ultimate tabboo and sin to willingly let a devil eat you... at all. Yet part of me wants them to. I want one of those so-called pure bloods to bite me. I want to see if my blood line will protect me- if 'Gods' will is all... I want to know- and I dont want Yami alone with them.

So am I sinning for being curious? Or am I sinning for wanting to be closer to someone I care about.

And if I am sinning... what does it mean?

maggie sat behind the counter lazily reading her book. African tribal tabboos and mishaps in history. An odd read- but all things concitered sommethign yo woudl exspect to find in the shop.

when she heard the bell on the door ring she looked up. "Hello." she greeted, looking back to her book.

[OOC: Okay, well I woudl like someone tyo be yami or maybe one of the pure bloods. either way- feel free to join- dont ask]
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Drempt sins
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