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 Love like the Rainbow: [Mature]

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PostSubject: Love like the Rainbow: [Mature]   Sat Feb 07, 2009 1:11 am

Warning: MATURE

LOVE like the Rainbow ~
&Everyone wants to.be happy♥️. Nobody wants to.be.in pain. But you cant have a rainbow, without any rain.

Victoria frowned to herself as she walked down the road, it was a beautiful summer twilight- but there was no one to spend it with. She'd spent her life moving from place to place, and never made friends for too long. She'd been to so many schools, she'd lost count. It was here 16th birthday, and no one to spend it with.

Victoria knew she could go home, there'd be a cake and a few presents waiting for her. But she just didnt want to. What was the point? Her father was a drunk, and her mother was never home.

She frowned, and sat down on the curb. She didnt know how long she had here in this small town outside of L.A. The sun was started to set in the distance, and she knew her mother would start texting her soon to be home. Victoria took her phone out of her pocket and stared at it. Nothing happened. She bit her lip, feeling a bit frustrated by now. It was her birthday, and it was late. Why wernt they calling?

They were probably drunk, fighting, and then passing out like they usually did on the weekends.

"Happy birthday meee..." She lit up a cigarette she'd stolen from her mother earlier.


Victoria looked up, and blinked. She saw a girl with long blonde hair, and bright blue eye's- she was dressed in basically black.

"Its your birthday, and your out here smoking a cig alone? Thats depressing."

Victoria laughed lightly, "Yeah. I know. I feel completly stupid." She rubbed the back of her neck with her free hand, and stood up. "My name is Victoria, I just moved down the block like a month ago."

"Oh, so your that family. Cool." She laughed, "My name is Candy." She pulled out a pack from her pocket, and pulled out a cigarette. "Well I'll join you Victoria, for a birthday smoke." She smiled, and sat down on the curb. She brought her legs up to her chest- and stared across the street.

Victoria smiled, and sat down onto the curb next to Candy.

I dont think I could ever forget Candy, her smile was sweet- her smell was passion. She was simply beautiful.

Victoria was the typically bi-curious teen who figured she'd never come out of the closet. Lost her virginity a couple of years ago when she was 14. Her mother beat the hell out of her when she found her birth control. She knew her father would disown her in a heartbeat. Not that her parents were good parents, but they were her parents never the less.

"Do you go to Northen Brooke Highschool?"

Victoria blinked, and nodded with a slightly silly smile. "Oh, yeah- totally. Do you go there?"

"Yeah." Candy smiled, and inhaled on her cigarette. She blew out the smoke, and looked over at Victoria. "Thats cool, I guess we'll be seeing alot more of eachother."

That made Victoria have goosebumps of excitement, and her heart seemed to have skipped a beat. Why did her saying that make me so excited? Victoria smiled, "Oh really?" She was going to try to play it cool. Try to, at least. "I dont think I'll mind that too much."

Candy giggled, "Your just too cute." She looked up at the stars. "Oh look Tori, the stars are so bright tonight."

Tori? That was cute. "Oh?" She looked up, and smiled. "Your right. They're beautiful."

OOC: I'd like no more then two other people to join. No one lining please. This is a mature rp. Someone please be Candy. You can add any in any other char you want. <3 There can also be guys. Anyone can join!
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Love like the Rainbow: [Mature]
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