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 The Awakening

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PostSubject: The Awakening   Wed Feb 04, 2009 7:51 pm

"Twenty years, twenty years in the prision cell you sent me here to rot." Said a shadowed figure

"Hey you, I said that enough chatter!" A passing guard warned as he waked the bars with his billy club

"Tell me officer, what day is it today," the man chuckles "wait dont tell me, for I do know, it is the 5 of November the year is 2050, and the moon is at full tonight, sir will you allow me to look my moon, look at my mother in the sky." the shadowed man lifted his head, showing it to be perfect in every manner, well not quite, his right eye was a stunning shade of purple and had a large black X in the whites. His frame was long but thing, his hair was long and pale yellow. His face was clean and his beard trimmed to only a point. He smiled innocently his teeth also perfect.

" I said shut up prisioner 14990745B, you remember what happened last time you got chit-chatty with one of us, I bet you can still open that nasty gash on your arm." The guard chuckled but soon was cut short, he began to rais into the air holding his neck as if being strangled.

"Sir, you too also remember what happened last time I was refused and offer." The man spoke in a slow and calm manner as if lecturing the guard. "Now I belive you have been very rude, and I cannot tolerate a person who is rude." Soon the man was covered in blood as the guard fell to the ground limp, and very disfigured. "So sad, and I just got the last guards blood out, oh well thats the way the cookie crumbles." The bars in his cell began to bend and soon snapped apart. He stepped out of his confines and strolled down the halls whistleing calmly. He sighed happily as he reached the outdoors, he stared up twords the moon and smiled, turned, and began to walk twords the doors of the prison, they soon shattered and fell to the ground. "Yes my mother, I am very well, no no mother, I will find my own housing this time." he chuckled lightly as he walked down the barren street.

"10 years after this man's escape he was later dubbed as The Bender. He was the first super-villain this world has ever seen. Sadly he was not alone, when others heared of his escape they began to awake. Inside them their own powers awakened. However only 2 years after the awakening, strict laws were passed prohibitng anyone from even mentioning these powers,sentecine anyon who used them to immediate and painfull death. For mentioning it, life in prision.Now i must rephrase excuse an old professor but not everyone is born with these, studies are now showing that it is only 1 out of every 30 people are born with this disease,and some who are born with it....never know." the tape dies as it is burned.

This my friends is where our story begins, this is a story about the lives of those who are born with such powers, but dont yet know they even have them. This is their story of how they try to fit in, but yet they cant figure out why they feel so different.

Maxis whistled to himself as he walked down his street. He smiled as he walked twords his house and up the steps, once again he had a good day at his job. Of course this isnt hard when you the owner of your own company, let alone have it be the largest corporation in all the U.S. He sat down once he reached inside and began to read his paper.
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PostSubject: The Awakening   Thu Feb 19, 2009 12:08 pm

Allana walked down the street, headphones covering her ears as she scanned the area. She looked to be about 16, wearing short shorts and a tank top on a warm summer afternoon. She looked a bit out of place, walking around in such a nice nieghborhood.

Thats a nice house. She casually strolled across the street when no one was paying mind to her. She disappeared into the backyark, a nice concelling high fence fenced the backyark. And the view. She peeked in the window, couldnt see anyone. She quitely walked up the back steps, and peeked in the upstairs bedroom window from the balcony.

She walked over to the door, secrity pad- of course. All rich home's had secrity. She slid it open, started to press in her disable code- a slight spark seemed to come from her fingure. The door unlocked.

She opened the door, and stepped into the house- not knowing there actually was someone home. She went over to the dresser, there were some nice watches. She pocketed the watches, and then some money that was on his bedstand. She opened one of his drawers when she heard some noise, someone coming up the steps. Shit.

She closed the drawer quitely, and went into his huge walk in closet. She hid in the cornor behind his hung up suits.

If she got caught again by the cops, she was going to be sent away to a juvinal detention center. And she wasnt about to go back there. Allana bit her lip, and clenched her fist nervously.

OOC: I like this idea. Makes me think of that Watchmen movie coming out, or Heros. Anyways, so its in the year 2060? Question, are things very advanced in technology?
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The Awakening
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