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 Betrayed: [Private] Mature

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PostSubject: Betrayed: [Private] Mature   Wed Jan 28, 2009 3:08 am

--Tokyo 1980

"Honey, would you mind the boys playing in here while I go out to the garden?" Haily asked her husband, Victor. He looked up from his work that was spred out across his desk, with a sigh he nodded his head. Haily smiled, and nodded back. "I'll send them in." She touched thier heads as they walked into the room. "Micheal, Shawn." Haily smiled, and blew them a kiss as she shut the door and left.

Victor didn't even look up to his sons, he just continued to work. They knew to be quite while thier father was working. Shawn went to the bookcase, and took down a book. He opened it, not caring what it was about- and started to read. Shawn was the oldest of the two, being nine. Micheal was seven.

Micheal watched his brother, and bit his lip- he hated having to be as quite everytime they were in thier fathers study. He beathed in, and grabbed a book also- he wanted to be just like his brother. The book was quite boring, and he lost interest quickly. He watched his father for a minute, and then decided to move in. Micheal sat in the chair across from his father, "Father." He spoke with an english accent that he'd gotten from his mother. Unlike Shawn who spoke quite clearly. "Why is it that your always working?" He questioned.

Victor looked up, letting out a stressful sigh- and rubbed the back of his neck. "Because I'm an important man, when you become like me- you'll be the same." He assured, with a serious tone and face. "Now read like your brother, dont bother me." He shoo'd Micheal away.

Micheal blinked, and nodded. He hopped out of the chair, and sat down next to his brother. "Brother-" He wispered. "Sh!" Shawn hushed him quickly, "Stop being so noisey." He scolded, and continued to read. Micheal blinked, and frowned- he picked back up the book and continued to read. He wasnt exactly sure he wanted to become like his father.

--The next day.

"Brother! Brother!" Micheal exclaimed, "I'm scared! Mother and father are having another arguement!" He had tears in his eye's- and his cheeks were puffy. "You have to do something!" He cried.

Shawn blinked, and got down from the stool in the kitchen and nodded. "Okay Micheal, stay in here- kay?" Shawn walked quickly to his fathers study were he heard his father screaming. He knew it was one sided, Haily never raised her voice- and never said anything to upset Victor. Her opened the door, and gasped as he watched his father slap his mother across the face. He froze.

Victor stopped himself from hitting Haily again, "Damn wench..." He growled, turned- and left the room.

Haily has tears in her eye's, she held her cheek. "Oh Shawn... Daddy was only upset, mommy is fine." She assured him, "Your a strong boy, but you need to be respectful of your father. Your alot like him you know..." Haily said with a sad tone in her voice.

Shawn blinked, alot like him? He didn't like that. He didn't understand. "Mother..." He didn't know what to say, he just let his mom hug him and cry. Micheal peeked into the room. Micheal cried, and ran over to Haily- hugging onto his mother.

--A month later...

"Victor dear, Shawn learned German in just a week! He's a genius like you, he's bound to become as rich as you and conntinue on your businesses." Haily sat on the couch with Micheal at her side, she was very proud of Shawns achivements. "Victor?" Haily frowned, and then knew she shouldn't have inturupted Victors working.

"Will you shut up?" Victor snapped angerly. "Thats not my concern at the moment. I have things to finish... God this plan will fall apart if these damn idiots dont sharpen up-" He grumbled, an walked off back into his office. He never strayed from his office, unless he was gone like he always was.

Micheal frowned, "Mommy- is daddy upset?" Micheal bit his lip, he hated to see his father upset- even worse, his mother upset. Micheal looked to Haily, "Is it cause of work like always?" Micheal questioned.

Haily smiled, an nodded. "Yes Micheal, its because daddy has alot going on- how about you go play with your brother. Mommy needs to finish sewing up your uniform you ripped by playing in those tree's." Haily giggled, "You silly you." Haily giggled, she always put on a happy face for her sons. Her boys were her world, and what kept her sane.

Micheal grinned and giggled innocently, squeeling and running from her tickling fingers. He went through room to room looking for Shawn. "Shawn!" He called, his young voice a little high pitched. "Shawn!" He laughed and said in a teasing voice; "Shawn I'ma come find you!"

Shawn paused, an sighed as he saw his younger brother come running stright at him. With a simple sidestep Micheal ended up running into the wall, which worked out nicely for Shawn. Shawn grumbled, "Stop being an idiot and running around." Shawn breathed out, "Go play outside, but stop running around in tree's." Shawn put a book back onto the bookshelf.

"Ouch!" He whined, while rubbing his sore nose. Crossing his arms Micheal brought up his pout face. "But mommy said you have to play with me!" He had tears in his eye's, and looked like he was about to burst.

--Two years later...

"Victor!" Haily was never one to yell, but she felt so useless as he walked away ignoring her. "Victor I said I know! I know your cheating on me with some tramp!" She clenched her fist, she felt so terrible inside. It digusted her that she did everything she could for this man- and he didnt even love her.

Victor growled, "Haily do not take that tone with me, you should know your place- its rather annoying of you to bring up such things you already know are true. Do you wish for me to explain myself to you?" Victor snarled, "Your a piece of shit, you should have been born human." He snarled at her. "Your a disgrace, worthless- nothing!"

Shawn walked into the room, an stopped hearing these things. Shawn was now eleven, and Micheal nine. Micheal ran into the back of Shawn when he stopped. Shawn didn't exactly know how to react to his parents fighting. It always worried him.

Haily looked towards her sons, "Boys leave... Mommy and daddy are having a disagreement- dont be worried-" Haily stopped as she felt the cold eye's of Victor glare her down. "Victor stop it! Your scaring the kids!!" Haily scolded as she heard Micheal bust out into tears, and ran to his mothers side.

"Micheal is just as worthless as you, you damned werch!" He yelled, with a swift movement Victor had pushed Micheal back quickly- sending him aginst a wall with a thump. "Shut up!" He growled, hating the sound of tears from a damned child. "He's not the one I need fore a hier."

Haily screamed, "Dont you touch my son!" But she couldnt do anything. She never could. "D-dont touch them Victor!"

Shawn froze. He didnt know how to react. All of his hardwork, studing, and learning couldnt help him now. None of what he'd spent his life doing until now, could help him. Nothing.

Victor laughed, "Touch them? Like I would ever harm Shawn." He chuckled, "He's my hier. He's the only child of worth." He stepped towards Haily, and grabbed tightly onto her face. "The only child of worth. The only thing that has come from you, that means anything at all- to me." His words were like ice as he dug his claws into her tender cheeks.

Micheal was crying, his back aginst the wall as he struggled to his feet. He looked up, seeing his father making Haily bleed- he cried out and jumped onto his father's back to stop him- he hit him repeatedly on the head, tears strolling non-stop and his little attack not harming the strong structured man he had called daddy. "Stop!! Daddy don't!!" He shouted in fear and gulping back sobs.

Victor was quick to throw Micheal off him, an he also threw aside Haily. "Vic-Victor why are you doing this!?" Haily cried, she was sobbing- and held her hand out to Victor. She wanted to stop him. She wanted to make him stop so badly. "Im sorry! Im so sorry! Please stop! Stop Victor! Stop!"

Shawn couldn't move. It was like he was watching a horrible movie, but he couldnt look away.

Victor grabbed a blade off the wall, and turned- plunging it into Hailys chest, "Shut the F*** up!" He yelled, "I'm sick of this, I'm sick of you- I should have never taken pity on you!" He snarled, and stabbed her again- over and over. It wasn't until Micheal tried to make him stop- that he moved his blade slicing Micheals arm. Micheal fell back, sobbing- holding onto his arm. Victors eye's went wide, an that is when he finaly went over the ledge.

Victor plunged into his insanity- he started to laugh as his son was bleeding onto the floor! His wife screamed, an screamed! This actually aroused the man- making him more egar for blood! Victor stabbed Haily again, and again- finally taking a shift slice at her neck. Off came her pretty head- her hair being sliced across the floor. Hailys head rolled down to her feet. Victor was panting, out of breath- and seemed to be finally coming back to his senses. If he had any to begin with. Victor got up, an looked to Shawn. He tossed him the blade, an walked out of the room.

Micheal seemed to have fallen uncousious, he just laid there limp. Small gasps for breath came as if he was in shock, he shievered- and whimpered for mother. He was a mothers boy afterall.

Shawn stood there, holding the blade in his hands- he teared up. 'Mother...' Shawn clenched onto the blade- it cut into his hand. 'What has father done...?' Shawn sat there in the corner of that room until police came and filed a report. Victor had a complete coverup by paying off the cops- and everything went away just as it had came. That day, Victor had disappeared from thier lives.

--Six years later...

Shawn Corex, a billionare owning all of his fathers fortune. A huge coperation, and many others across the world had the name Corex on it. He's doubled his fathers fortune, and wealth- and made it his own. Since his fathers disappearance, he swore he would make himself greater then his father could ever dream of. He would find his father, he would have his revenge.

"Your brother is here to see you." Kiichi, Corex's secretary, spoke to him as she placed some papers on his desk. "Seems he's having issues with school, and says its important." She picked up his empty coffee cup, "Shall I let him in?"

Corex let out a breath, and crossed his arms. "Of course." He closed out of a windows on his computer, and picked up the papers to scan over them as Micheal entered the room.

(OOC: For me and Jennbear! <3 Changed it a bit. Micheal is having issues at school with focusing- and is failing because he just doesnt care. But he's a nice shy kid still. And instead of going to America, its staying in Japan. So I made Kiichi his secretary/lover! And we'll add in the others later XD)
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Betrayed: [Private] Mature
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