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 Dark Lords Minions

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PostSubject: Dark Lords Minions   Sun Jan 25, 2009 8:00 pm

no posy here please =D

Name: Miz Troz
Bithdate: Jan, 01,1992
appearance: think Grimmjow but no mask shard
Proffesion: student but hopes to become Hunter
attitude: He cant sit still with knowing what he is told, he wants to explore to
Parents: Mom
Sexuality: Straight
dominant hand: right
discover on his own, he wants to be free, even if it means breakign afew rules
clothing: Casual jeans and a red T-shirt or something like that
weaponry/trade tools: His fathers Sword that he used as a Hunter
Past accomplishments: Top of his class for his first year of Highschool, Team captain for Football
Past crimes: Truency in his earlyer youth, vandalism, theft, grand theft auto
Bio: He was born into a family of his mother father and no siblings, his father was a Hunter and one day when he was only 8 wnet off on a mission and never returned home, all that came back was his sword and his Helmet, badly torn. After that incident Miz became nothing but a problem child, was nothing but trouble, but after a stay in Juvinel hall turned his life around. While he was in school he made a few freinds and began to think about the outside world, outside the walls of the city that is. This feeling, grew into a hobbie, which grew into a past time, which finally became his obsession, when he graduates he hope to one day, become a Hunter liek his father and go out there and see the world, and hopefully, find out what happened to his father.
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Dark Lords Minions
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