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 Don't Tell me Truth Hurts...

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PostSubject: Don't Tell me Truth Hurts...   Sat Jan 24, 2009 12:13 am


{{ No one can blame you
For walking away
Too much rejection
No love injection

Life can be easy
It's not always swell
Don't tell me truth hurts, little girl
'Cause it hurts like hell }}

"NO!" Called the shrill voice of Janice, the step mother that appeared from hell, blowing flames dominately around the house, demanding the night of her step daughter to be spent at home, not out with her friends, having fun... What Cherise oh so desired. Almost every night her father and step mother went out, and every week night she was forced to watch her little half brother and sister.

Everything she said seemed to make her mad. The ever calling banshee could only take and never give a thing. Monday through Thursday she watched the little brats, and now she wanted to go out with her friends on Friday. But no! She had to stay home, and her friends weren't welcome in the house of the dictator while no adult was present. Why? She had no clue. She was responsible. She was on the honor roll, the debate club, drama club, she did all these extra things with her time, but she couldn't go out to a party with her two best friends?

Stupidity... She told herself she couldn't wait for the dragon's death. She just wanted her life to end. But no... she did everything to keep herself healthy. She went to the gym, she ate well, and of course, she was at least 10 years younger than her husband.

Cherise needed a mother, or so her father assumed. But this dragon was no mother. She was a demon that buried itself under Cherise's light skin, burning her soul, and destroying her life.

They left quickly, as the small five year old Jamie walked from her room. She laughed and grabbed her elder step sister's leg, being too small to reach much else. "Story!" She said in a bubbly voice.

As much as Cherise hated her step mother, there was always something about the children she had sired. She loved little Jamie and Danny. They had plain names.. but then again... they're mother was American.

It all seemed quite rude, but either way. Cherise's mother was French, as was Cherise. Her parents met long ago, he had went to France on a trip for his company, and instantly, he fell in love with this woman of pure elegance and the rarity of her beauty. He moved there, marrying Angeline two months after meeting her, and a year later, they had a beautiful baby girl. The beauty passed from mother to daughter, but... no true love lasts forever.

He moved back to the United states, and brought Cherise with him, letting his wife say a final farewell to her family, friends, and everyone else who lived in Paris. She boarded the plane, and from there, it as they say, sayonara. The plane was hijacked, and crashed into the water, five miles from it's destiny, New York City.

Putting to bed the eight year old Danny, and the five year old Jamie, the house was quiet. She knew she could never just leave them alone and go out, so she went to the back door, pushing it open, walking out into the backyard. Snow had draped all over the yard, in an elegant white blanket, displaying the ultimate sanctuary.

Reddish brown hues closed gently, but shot open when hearing the sound of a bird's wings. A thin eyebrow raised, gazing up at the beautiful snowy white owl. She seemed surprised, but also humbled. Such a beautiful creature had come, gracing her with the presence of a beauty she had not seen since she had last looked at the only picture she had of her parent's together, at their wedding.

"Bonjour, Chouette*." She whispered, her voice sweet and smooth, letting it glide through the gentle night breeze, up into the tree in which the disguised watched.

- - - - -

"Bonjour, Chouette", means "Hello, Owl"

Ok.. this is a weirdish style rp. She's being watched, and the owl that's watching her is really a person. he has the ability to turn into an owl. He can have been watching her for a long time, or just now noticed her. Doesn't matter to me too much. Sort of a magical type theme. xD But in her world, which is somewhat modern and what not, it would be like magic/fairytale. So it exists, but very few get to see it Very Happy

Male please.

Also, you don't have to write A LOT. Just at least a paragraph. I know it can be hard to write sometimes. Well..

Thanks for reading~
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PostSubject: Re: Don't Tell me Truth Hurts...   Sun Jan 25, 2009 11:35 pm

[May I?]

The owl rufled its white feathers letting out a hoot that sounded like a coo in reply to her soft words. The small birds feet looked too big for its body as it shifted its body weight, ticking one foot under itself.

The snow had that effect. it muffled the sounds of the city and the wild so fully... It just made it seem so other worldly.

The birds large blue eyes stayed rested on her as though it were peering into he very soul, juding her. or rather- sizing her up.

He'd been watching for a while now- how hard she worked and how little she complained.
It was admirable.

After a moment of staring, the lowered its head, spreading its wings out wide. Too wide.

Its snowy white feathers took on a pink hue, shrinking as its wings tuned into arms- its blue eyes shrinking to a uhman size.

Once the transformation was finished- a boy sat on the low tree branch, white hair blowing light in the breeze. His pale skin seemed to be illuminated by the rising moon and his blue eyes as cold as ice.

"Bonjour, Mademoiselle." he replied, his voice taken on the wind to her ears. His voice was deep but not a rumble- it was rich.
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Don't Tell me Truth Hurts...
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