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¤General Information¤

Name: Kathlean
Age Appearance: 23
Hair Color: black
Eyes Color: gray/brown
Origin: Russia
Race: Russian
Height: 5 foot 7 inches
Weight: 140
Gender: female

¤Character Information¤

Occupation: Fourtine teller
Alignment: Unaligned
Sexuality Preference: Bi
Family Members: Dimitri
Companions: none
Foes: none
Idols: none
Love Interest: none

Kathy is a weak telepath, though has studied astronimy and pal reading for years. Telekiinesis isnt somethign she uses often since its hard and she isnt very good at it.
Dream Inturpriting [She pretends]
RARE- vissions
Knowlegable about dark arts, does not practice them.


¤Identifying Marks¤
Shoulder tattoo

kath is rathe rmellow, though when she gets angry things are often thrown across the room. Shes the type of person who pretends to have control of her emotions when she, in actuality, is more than likely sertafiable.

"If the fates seem like they are against you today, they most likely are."

Born in Russia to a family of gypsies, Kathy took off on her own at age 16 to start her own buisness... a mix between a coffee shop and a dream inturpreter.
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